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Il seme della mela ha in sé l’albero maturo;
l’alfabeto, i segni del pensiero.
La scultura dà plasticità alle idee.

Progetto con estro, misuro in raccoglimento, elaboro con pragmatismo.

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Applied Arts
Contemporary Design

Artworks which creatively interpret function and use of single pieces of furniture and interior design.
Focus is on the balance of lines and the harmony of shapes – this makes for applied art and creative (yet functional) design.

libreria ALBERO, leggera robusta e armoniosa, prende ispirazione da un albero (nei ripiani e nell'asse centrale)


Wooden bookcase, different dimensions, about 95 by 98 inches, 240 x 250 cm – width: 9.8 to 12 inches, 25 to 30 cm

Light but sturdy because flexible with interlocking elements: the flexible multilayer beechwood and the pattern of shelves and uprights creates diverse volumes and end up in a balanced view. As harmonious as a Tree, as the central juicy board will tell: smooth and fragrant. Won’t it add joy and peace to your place?

libreria espositore in ferro: "Frattale", es. di arte applicata, design contemporaneo


Iron bookcase, different dimensions, about 40 by 70 inches, 100 x 180 cm – width: 9.8 to 12 inches, 25 to 30 cm

Hand folded and welded iron sheets, with spacious volumes and smooth lines. Its simple layout goes along with a light and flexible building – its geometry reminds of the fractal shapes splitting, reducing and repeating patterns in Nature. The iron is left crude – Can you think of a Golden one for your place?

librerie con base circolare e sviluppo verticale, in materiali diversi: "Frattale" in ferro piegato, "E.P." in legno massello di rovere


Two examples of rounded wooden and iron bookcases, about 80 by 18 inches, 200 x 45 cm

different in material but similar in design – round base, vertical progression, with the same features of Trees and Fractals: light, study, flexible. Iron Round Fractal, or Ficus, and wooden Emptiness and Pillar, telling a story of the old and welcoming knowledge as a dear friend in a 360 degree exhibition of books and stuff.

tavolo console Bestia, in legno massello, robusto e slanciato


Table console, wood and aluminium, 72 by 20-27 inches, 190 x 50-70 cm

In solid wood, a single smooth old walnut tree board, respected in all its knots, angles, holes, and a three-legged base in aluminum alloy casting: careful and loving design seeking balance accounts for daring shapes and matching between strong, stubborn wood and light and raw aluminum. Unique piece of artwork, making a difference.

tavolo Spacco in legno di ulivo: due grandi tavole lasciano "spacchi" nel piano - con 3 gambe in alluminio


Table with cracks and curves, dimensions: depending on the board.

Design for tables with strong personality, associating solid wood, in the olive tree top, and the geometric precision in the aluminium alloy casting base: a match making lighter the visual impact of the curvy wooden board. Fits in interior design with an edge.

tavoli con piano che rimanda alla corazza di una tartaruga


Design for table top in different dimensions, about 18 by 24 (aluminium) and 35 by 37 inches (marble).

In its crossing marks, this design takes up the pattern of the Tree bookcase, though here it shows the full spaces given by lines as in high relief sculpture. It exhibits the translucent, vibrant white of the Marble in large dimensions, and in smaller size, it uses the raw molded lightness of the aluminum in alloy casting. A sea turtle on the beach.

il piano dei tavoli combina due diverse essenze di legno in un insieme armonioso


Table, wood and aluminium, 35 by 75 inches, 90 by 190 cm

Design for table with a music flare, as the name combines two different types of wood as different tunes in a composition. This design alternates between diverse colors, veins and width of the spaces. The design is careful enough to give balance, and the diversity is highlighted in a fluid, harmonious overall view. Just like in a well-performed music composition.

seduta con schienale, una grande poltrona in travi di legno da edilizia, sezione 10 cm x 10 metri lineari di materiale da riciclo


Solid building wooden beams, 39 inches, 100 cm width.

Surprisingly soft and comfortable swivel armchair, thanks to its measures, back tilt, big armrests and type of wood. It stems from the idea of recycling and dignifying building waste material – solid fir wood, for an overall dimension of 10 linear meter, or 39 linear feet, width 100 cm 39 inches.

qui la seduta Forma ERosa apre una galleria di opere varie


different not fitting in previous categories…

Other artworks of contemporary design with original features, such as bookcases, tables, seats in solid wood with smooth lines. Balance is what we plan thoroughly to take the most from each element and material. Here, inspiration goes along withe freshness and joy.

schema del luogo di installazione


Wooden or iron works, bookcases or tables or other artworks with a specific function

examples of installations from houses and public spaces – unique pieces for customized projects